Comics Camp

Applications for comics camp are now closed. We’ll be getting back to applicants in January.

A few of the creative folks who will be attending in 2020.

This spring will be our fifth Comics Camp. We’re getting to a place where we have a stable footing and we’re thinking more about the overall shape of the event.

This year, we’re aiming the bulk of our financial aid at increasing access to the camp for indigenous artists, creators of color and people from underrepresented communities. Traveling to Alaska for a multi-day comics camp can be an expensive undertaking and we recognize that in addition to the challenge artists have in just making a living, there are a lot of deeply rooted societal inequities at play as well.

We hope you’ll apply! We would be happy to host you in Juneau. We have glaciers and trees and rain and it’s nice to spend time retreating to the woods where we can learn and think and unwind with other working artists.

About the Camp

Our comics camp takes place in the middle of the southeast Alaska rainforest. It’s a three-night retreat for working artists to connect, learn, explore and relax. There’s a loosely organized schedule of workshops and conversations along with plenty of tromping around in the woods and hanging out.

The campground is a nice balance of rustic and civilized. We’ll be tucked away in the trees but still have access to flushing toilets, hot water for showers and even a camp cook. We’re going to have campfires, board games and all the fun camp things along with presentations, workshops and discussions led by our guest artists.

The comics camp is open to professional and aspiring artists of all stripes with a strong lean towards comics and visual storytelling. We’re happy to have game developers, authors, musicians and filmmakers involved as well as sequential artists, cartoonists and animators. It’s marshmallow, friendship and inspiration time.

The cost of the camp is $650. This includes lodging for three nights at the campground plus camp meals and transportation to and from downtown Juneau. If you would like to exhibit at the convention, you also receive a shared exhibition space.

Financial aid is available to camp applicants who need it. We do prioritize financial aid for indigenous artists, creators of color and people from underrepresented communities. Requests for financial aid do not factor into the review of your application.

Have questions or need details?  You can find a packing list and more in the FAQ’s, or feel free to contact us.