Mini-Con & Comics Camp is cancelled this spring. Blah.

Maybe postponed is a better word? Regardless, we’ve decided it would be irresponsible to host this event until we get over the hump on the Covid curve.

Global variables should eventually become more accommodating and when that happens, we’re eager to host another gathering. Even if it has to be next spring or something a bit more impromptu between now and then.

Aaron will be sending out full refunds this week if you haven’t already received one.

We’re also here to support you in reclaiming any money you may have sunk into travel or lodging. If you need a letter stating the event was cancelled or anything like that, let us know.

I do think that the most responsible thing is to avoid any unnecessary travel right now.

Thank you for all your understanding and patience,
Pat Race & Aaron Suring

It’s a tiny convention for Juneau, Alaska!

Alaska Robotics Mini-Con takes place April 25th, 2020 from 10am-5pm at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center. The convention features comics, games, workshops and presentations happening throughout the day.

School visits will take place in the days leading up to the convention. Following the convention, we offer a comics camp retreat for visiting artists.

Many Thanks to our 2019 sponsors!

Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries, Travel Juneau, Baranof Hotel, Hecla, Taku River Reds, University of Alaska Southeast, Alaska Electric, Alaska Electric Light and Power, Northwind Architects, Alaska Pure Mountain Spring Water, Chef Stef, Jerry’s Meats and Seafood, Pucker Wilson’s, Rainbow Foods, Coppa, and Sentinel Coffee!

Any questions?

We’ve got a page for that, or feel free to get in touch.