Questions and Answers

Is this event just for people who like comics?

Not at all. This is something for our entire community. Think of the Saturday convention as more of a festival or fair.

I hesitate to even use the words “comic convention” when describing the event, the term has grown to include a much broader collection of pop and contemporary arts, games, music and more. We’re planning to embrace that broad cultural spirit of comic conventions but provide a far more down-to-earth, Southeast Alaska experience.

What is Alaska Robotics? Where are the robots?

Alaska Robotics is the label we use for our creative projects. We make music videos, political satire, comics, art prints and we operate the Alaska Robotics Gallery at 134B N. Franklin St. in Juneau.

Yes. OK. But what about the robots?

It’s like asking for a Braeburn at the Apple Store.

How do I get to Juneau?

You can take the Alaska Marine Highway or you can fly here on Alaska Airlines or sometimes Delta.  You can’t drive here but I’ve heard of brave souls riding bicycles across the Juneau Icefield. To be clear, I’m not recommending that route.

See our travel page for a sponsored hotel deal, local information, and details on public transit.  Once in Juneau, you can always drop by the Alaska Robotics Gallery for friendly directions and local advice.

Where are all the convention spaces?  What is travel like between venues?

All the Mini-Con events are in downtown Juneau, and the walking time between the farthest points is maybe 8 minutes (~6 blocks).

Are all the Mini-Con event spaces accessible to everyone?

All the venues for our events are accessible without steps, and bathrooms are accessible as well.  If you need any assistance besides mobility/bathrooms for specific events, let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Does your convention have a harassment policy?

Many conventions have harassment policies and we feel like it’s an important element when trying to create an event in the spirit of inclusion. We love the many varied groups and fandoms that congregate at comic conventions we’ve attended and we want everyone to feel safe and welcome at our convention. If anyone makes you feel unsafe or goes out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable, let us know. We’ll feed them to the bears.

Will you really feed people to the bears?

No. I think Alaska outlawed that in the late 1990’s. We’ll resolve any issues on a case-by-case basis. It’s not a giant convention, everyone here is pretty nice, I’m confident we can sort out any problems. If not, we’re happy to ask any obstinate troublemakers to leave. Please feel free to read our Code of Conduct.

Questions About Camp

Who gets to go to comics camp?

Folks going to comics camp after the Mini-Con must apply to attend. Applications have now closed to 2024 camp, but keep an eye here for applications in the future.

You know we’re nerds. Do the cabins at the camp have outlets?

Yes, there is power. But no Internet.

Can I get Internet if I really really really need it?

Someone can drive you to where your phone works or you can get a connection if you hike out to the beach, about 15 minutes away.

How comfortable/uncomfortable will camp be exactly?

We made you a video so you can judge for yourself!

What should I pack for camp?

Sleeping bag, pillow if you need it, toiletries, boots or shoes that keep water out, shower shoes, flashlight or headlamp, layers (including a warm/waterproof coat), extra socks, your thinking cap.  Also a good idea: art supplies, notebooks or sketchbooks, games, ghost stories.

We will provide food, drinks, bug spray (though it is often not very buggy), and if you need anything just ask!