2024 Exhibitors

This list will continue to update as details are confirmed for the 2024 Alaska Robotics Mini-Con.

The convention this year will be at the Andrew P. Kashevaroff (APK) Building that also houses the state museum. It will be April 27th, 2024 from 10AM – 5PM, and expect to again have several events throughout the day in addition to the main convention floor featuring a variety of local and visiting artists!

Alaska Robotics

Alaska Robotics will host book signings by convention guests on the main convention floor including Ryan Gatts, Lucy Knisley, Dimi Macheras, Lonnie Mann, Casey Silver, and Victoria Ying. See the schedule for signing times.

Allison Bannister

Allison Bannister is a cartoonist and comics scholar. Over the past year, she has been teaching college students to write, working as an assistant editor on the TO Comix Press anthology The City We Chose, and chipping away at her webcomic At the Inn.

Aric Campling

Aric Campling is a “free-time” comics creator with dreams of going pro-am, having started his professional life as a registered nurse and pivoted into healthcare information technology. Recent published works include several short graphic stories and one-shots for Square City Comics anthologies “The Cure,” “Sensus Obscura,” and “Square City Chronicles.” He has several projects in development at this time, though nothing in active publication. Sometimes-practitioner of kung-fu and tai-chi, occasional tomato-grower, and casual gamer. This is Aric’s first time in Alaska, and he hopes he does not meet any bears up-close.

Casey Silver

Casey Silver has spent his life discovering, creating and telling stories. A writer, artist and designer based in Seattle, WA, Casey has created graphic content for Image Comics, Dynamite Publishing and Z2 comics as well as creating his own visual entertainment since co-founding 80% Studios in 2010. He is hard at work on book two of 80% Studios’ newest project, Chickaloonies. Casey currently resides in Seattle, WA.

Cat Farris

Cat Farris is a Portland OR cartoonist. She has done art for various comics publishers, including Oni Press, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, and HarperAlley.  Her most recent books are THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR and UP TO NO GHOUL, written by Cullen Bunn and published by HarperAlley.

Christine Kleinhenz

Christine Kleinhenz lives and plays in Juneau, Alaska. She and her family explore the wild places at their doorstep, where Christine finds her inspiration for her paintings. In the last couples of years, Christine has been illustrating children’s books, teaching art and creating art for shows, public works and enjoyment. She has been using watercolors and acrylic paints with bright colors to create immersive images and bold designs. Through her art, Christine hopes to portray her sense of wonder at living in such a magical place.

Cynthia Yuan Cheng

Cynthia Yuan Cheng is a cartoonist and illustrator based in central New Jersey, and loves telling stories to make your heart feel full, your eyes a bit watery, and maybe most importantly— make you laugh! They are the adapter for BABY-SITTERS CLUB: MARY ANNE’S BAD LUCK MYSTERY, and will be selling self-published comics, prints, and stickers.

Dave KelletT

Dave Kellett draws Sheldon and Drive, is the co-host of ComicLab, and directed the documentary Stripped. He loves to play late-night board games/card games with you, loves grabbing a baseball mit and playing catch, and would like to be informed any time there are new sweets emerging from the kitchen.

David Malki!

David Malki ! started creating Wondermark comics in 2003 and didn’t stop for a very long time. Wondermark is a silly, smart, sarcastic humor strip created collage-style from Victorian-era woodcuts and engravings, making it technically A COLLABORATION WITH THE DEAD. David writes the words and assembles the pieces, but the art all comes from the misty and half-forgotten past. Wondermark books have twice been nominated for the Eisner Award for “Best Humor Publication.” It’s possible this was a clerical error once, but TWICE?? Wondermark is also responsible for adding the word “sealioning” to online discourse, and David is very sorry about that. David also co-edited the bestselling “Machine of Death” series of fiction anthologies, and for the past few years has been gainfully employed designing card games that stimulate conversation and moments of connection between friends. It’s pretty fun!

Debbie Fong

Debbie Fong is a cartoonist from Brooklyn, NY who makes graphic novels for kids! Her debut book NEXT STOP was published this year from Random House Graphic, and she is currently working on a series of early reader books about a sweet and fantastical woodland village. Debbie also makes colorful prints, stationery, and other fun goods under the name POMMO Press. Find out more about her on her website: debbbiefong.com

Dimi Macheras

Dimi Macheras is an Ahtna Athabascan visual artist and Chickaloon Village Tribal Citizen. He was raised by his storyteller Mother, Patricia Wade and taught Ahtna cultural values and traditions by his Grandmother, Clan Elder, Katherine Wade. An alumni of Ya Ne Dah Ah School, Alaska’s first Tribally owned and operated full time K-12 school, Dimi began his journey as an artist illustrating his family’s Traditional Ahtna stories into graphic novels. He also helped design Ahtna language learning computer programs for Chickaloon Village’s Education Department. He has teamed with storytellers and culture-bearers from other tribes to help turn their legends into graphic novels. In 2010, he co-founded 80% Studios, and has self-published a variety of projects, including in the recently released graphic novel Chickaloonies: First Frost. Dimi currently resides in Seattle, WA.

Dylan Meconis

Dylan Meconis writes and draws comic books for people of all ages. She’s also an educator who loves teaching kids, adults, and well-behaved organizations about words and pictures.

Filipa Estrela

Filipa Estrela (any pronouns) is a crafter, cartoonist, clown, costumer, and educator; sometimes all at the same time. They are a working artist, living in the Providence, RI area and are a member of the Queer Archive Work and Binch Press studio. Filipa’s creative practice is all about play, experimentation, blending the everyday with a dose of myth, magic and wonder.

In their works they often draw inspiration from their identity and heritage as a queer, gender-fluid, Cape-Verdean/ Chinese/ Portuguese mixed person of color, while focusing on soft moments that reflect the complex relationships people experience within themselves and with others. Most of all, Filipa wants to tell stories that are heartwarming, encourage human connection, and inspire others to embrace their own creative selves.

Friends of Juneau Public Libraries

Become a member and support the mini-con and many other great events throughout the year!

Friends of the Library totes and t-shirts also available for purchase -cash only.


I’ll be sharing stickers, pins, prints, tote bags, and other miscellaneous things 🙂


I make cute but cool stuff in the form of earrings, stickers, pins, shirts,prints and other things.

Grace Desmarais

Grace Desmarais is a cartoonist and illustrator, whose work is inspired by myth, romance, and magic. Grace lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, and little black cat Lala. When she is not making comics, Grace spends most of her time writing fan-fiction or re-playing Dragon Age.

Jaromir Stoll

Jaromir (Jeremy) Stoll is a queer comics creator, scholar, and Associate Professor of Science & Social Science at Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio. They are committed to visual storytelling on the ineffable in life – with recent works in Blocked: Stories from the World of Online Dating and Rainbow Reflections: Body Image Comics for Queer Men. Their most recent works include a comics essay on queer readings of Morph in X-men: The Animated Series, the mini-comic poem Someone Left on the immediacy of grief, and a zine of poetry about the ecological apocalypse, The End of Your World. They write, draw, edit, and publish comics and zines as Great Bear Comics, including DOGS! An Anthology of Comics on Our Canine Companions with Vidyun Sabhaney. Stoll’s scholarship has appeared in The International Journal of Comic Art; Marg, A Magazine of the Arts; The Routledge Companion to Comics; and the award-winning edited volume The Comics World: Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Their Publics.

Jason Poland

For two decades, Jason Poland has been delighting readers with his heartwarming and hilarious comics. His breakout series, ‘Robbie and Bobby,’ spanned over a thousand strips, and he has served as the co-editor and publisher of several pop culture fanzine anthologies. Currently, he draws the fang-tastically uplifting webcomic ‘My Dad is Dracula,’ where a father shows his son that he can become anything, by literally transforming into EVERYTHING. Jason resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife and is also the proud dad of two cats. When he’s not creating comics, Jason enjoys hiking, playing tabletop games, and reading fantasy novels, especially those featuring a map at the beginning.

Josh Greathouse

Greathouse is the creator of Bang: the Ballad of the Tiger and Unprofessional. A one man power house in the world of comics as writer, artist and more.

Junnie Chup Arts

Books, bookmarks, stickers, postcards, prints, and a few random things like socks and pouches.

Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Jump back in time with the City Museum to discover fun games, viewfinders, and historical resources. Grab a photo opportunity in front of a historical scene in downtown Juneau. Check out a few small art pieces for sale along with vintage posters, magazines, unique art supplies, and other collectibles. After spending some time at the Comic Convention head over to the City Museum to check out more exhibits at the corner of 4th and Main across from the State Capitol.

Juneau Public Libraries

Juneau Public Libraries is excited to be a part of Minicon sharing a selection of comics, graphic novels, Manga. See some of our newest titles – and also some classics. Fun photo opportunity! Take your picture with our giant library card and speech bubbles.

Juneau’s Imagination Station

Fun and creative toys, books and art supplies.

Juneau Woolies

Juneau Woolies is a local business selling high quality hand dyed yarns and fibers perfect for any fiber artist.

Kat Klockow

Hailing from Ohio, Kat Klockow is a comic book writer and illustrator focusing on the paranormal. She is also the owner-editor of Corpse Flower Press which publishes the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities comic anthology series and Frogman Funnies, both books depicting cryptid creatures from the state. Debuting at this year’s Alaska-Robotics Mini-Con is her latest graphic novel, Zombio: A Space Adventure, written by her partner Mike Klockow when he was nine. It tells the story of a young Mike discovering the planet Zombio, and his adventures there with shopping zombies.

Kindred Post

We’ll be selling quirky art and art supplies (most by local artists). We’ll also have an array of books, cookbooks and postcards.


Lonnie Mann loves comics, whether it’s the reading or the making. He grew up on a healthy diet of Garfield, The Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, and Spider-Man.

His first major foray into comics was in 2015, when he ran a successful Kickstarter to self-published a travelogue comic called “Thoughts From Iceland”. He’s had shorter comics published in a few anthologies, including “American Cult” from Silver Sprocket in 2021.

His biggest project to date is a graphic memoir about his experiences growing up gay in an Orthodox Jewish community. It was published February 6, 2024, by Street Noise Books. He was working on it in some way or another for just about ever, so this is pretty exciting.

Outside of comics, his day job is User Experience Designer in Japan, where he lives with his partner Rai, and their pet rabbit Kinako. He loves all sorts of video games, board games, (audio) books, learning/practicing Japanese, and trying new foods.


Lucas has worked as a professional illustrator for the better part of 10 years, From comics to children’s illustration, his most noted project to date has been his book “MOOSE: The Graphic Novel” and his work on the movie by the same title. Over the last couple of years, Lucas has worked on a large number of projects, including his own creator-owned comic, BATTLE STAR, in partnership with his wife. In addition to working as a freelance illustrator, Lucas also works as a professor of Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

LuCy Knisley

Lucy Knisley is an author/illustrator specializing in graphic novels for kids and adults; cats, babies, bicycles, reproductive medicine, and blended families. With multiple published picture books, middle grade GNs and adult comics, she is a NYT bestselling author. She has two books coming out in 2024 (a picture book and collection of comics, both from Random House Graphics).

Masha Zhdanova

Masha is a lesbian cartoonist born in Russia and raised in New Jersey. She writes and draws original comics as well as writing and editing reviews of comics for a variety of publications, including Publisher’s Weekly. Most recently, she was WWAC’s first artist in residence. Her work often combines the intersections of diasporic and queer identity with elements of genre fiction. She likes coloring and drinks seven cups of tea a day.

Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart, acclaimed cartoonist behind the slice-of-life series “Incredible Doom” — hailed by Vanity Fair as one of the year’s best. The series explores the tumult of adolescence entwined with the birth of early internet. At the convention, he’ll be signing his Harper Collins graphic novels and debuting the latest issues, of his new series: “Incredible Doom: Eternal September.”

Mercedes Campos López

Mercedes Campos López is a cartoonist and printmaker based in Virginia.  Her works have a broad area of interest from comedies about witches to science comics about the current pandemic.  You can expect to see comics, zines, prints and more! See her work on instagram @merfishcomics.

Mike Heiman

Mike Heiman is a game designer and long-time Juneau resident who moved here as a kid in the late 70s. He has been teaching in the Juneau School District since 2000 and always uses games and game design in his classes. He has designed multiple published games, most of which are in the solo (one-player) category. He and his wife and son love to travel, and take small games with them on every road trip and camping trip.

Platypus Gaming

Lots of Board Games!

Rajesh Solanki

Raj Solanki is an Indian-American comic creator and graphic illustrator living in Waco, TX with his wife Brandi. His current project is the webcomic Ravana’s Relics. He dabbles in freelance graphic recording and storyboarding as well. He loves all things Marvel and Star Wars. And most importantly he just like to have fun with his work!

RYAN Gatts

Ryan Gatts (goes by Rai) is from NC, and went to Savannah, GA to study animation at SCAD. After graduating, they moved to Seattle, where they worked as a technical artist in videogames for the better part of a decade, before marrying their husband Lonnie, and moving to Tokyo (where they currently live), together with their pet rabbit, Kinako.

Ryan collaborated on drawing with Lonnie Mann on his graphic memoir about growing up gay and orthodox Jewish, called “Gaytheist: Coming Out of My Orthodox Childhood”.

Stephanie Tripp

Stephanie Tripp is a Lingít artist from Juneau who hopes to eventually work in book and comic illustration. Currently, Stephanie creates both traditional and digital art. However, she also enjoys spending the rest of her time picking up various other new crafts and hobbies, including sewing, wood burning, beading, crocheting, needle felting, and quilting.

Tom O’Brien

Tom O’Brien is a 2014 graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies MFA program and works as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. His non-fiction comics have been published in the natural science anthologies Awesome ‘Possum 3 and 4 as well as the Vermont alternative weekly paper Seven Days. In 2020, he was awarded an Individual Artist Grant from the The New York State Council on the Arts for his project Get to Know Your Knife. In 2019 he finished The Liquor Cabinet, a non-fiction comics about the world most popular liquors. When he isn’t cartooning, Tom works part time at a wine shop helping customers pair the perfect wine, or find the whiskey of their dreams. He lives in Boston with his partner Allison and their cat Elspeth.

University of Alaska Southeast

Victoria Ying

Harvey Award winning graphic novelist Victoria Ying loves comics in all their forms for every audience. She’s written her own original graphic novels including “Hungry Ghost” and “City of Secrets” as well as illustrating for DC and Marvel.

Virginia Potts

Mainly stickers, maybe other things (prints, charms, etc)

Yaakoosge Daakahidi & Juneau Douglas High School Art Clubs

We are members of two of the local high school art clubs. We meet weekly, creating fiber arts, ceramics, zines, comics, and whatever else we can come up with. This is our first Mini Con and we are excited to share some of the work we’ve been creating. All proceeds go towards supporting our club(s) and future trips to the Southeast Regional Art Fest which we just returned from last week.