2023 Exhibitors

This list will continue to update as details are confirmed for the 2023 Alaska Robotics Mini-Con.

The convention this year will be at the Andrew P. Kashevaroff (APK) Building that also houses the state museum. It will be May 13th, 2023 from 10AM – 5PM, and expect to again have several events throughout the day in addition to the main convention floor featuring a variety of local and visiting artists!

Alaska Robotics

Alaska Robotics will host book signings by convention guests on the main convention floor.

Alaska Graphix

Alex Graudins

Alex Graudins is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator based in Rhode Island. She studied at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Cartooning.

Alex’s work has appeared in numerous Dirty Diamond anthologies, The Adventure Zine, Dear Evan Hansen: Through the Window, and on The NIB and The Mary Sue. She is best known as the artist for Science Comics: The Brain and History Comics: The Great Chicago Fire.

Her personal projects range from the shenanigans of a TV-headed cyborg to short memoirs on social anxiety and asexuality. Her graphic memoir debut, Improve: How I Discovered Improv and Conquered Social Anxiety, hit shelves September 6th, 2022!

Bekka Mueller

Bekka is a queer artist from Minneapolis, MN. They make short autobiographical comic strips, finding the humor in the little things. Aside from drawing and making comics, they like to play video games, sew, garden, or just pet their cats for a while.

Ben Wilgus

Benjamin A. Wilgus is a Brooklyn-based comics writer and editor who tells emotionally intimate stories about small people in a big world. His most recent work Grace Needs Space! with artist Rii Abrego, and his previous books include The Mars Challenge, illustrated by Wyeth Yates; and Chronin, a solo graphic novel duology. As an editor-for-hire, he’s worked closely with authors at First Second Books to shepherd their titles through development and production, including The Adventure Zone series and Bubble.

The Bookish Beaver by Aandax̱ltín

Prints, stickers, and jewelry for fans of sci-fi/fantasy, the paranormal, and other odd things. 

Brittany Long Olsen

Brittany Long Olsen is a cartoonist, illustrator, and dog mom based in Oregon. She first got into comics by drawing her journal entries as cartoons every day for ten years! A couple books came out of that. Her current comic projects in the works are 1) a kids’ graphic novel about a tween who discovers a magical shop that sells bottled happiness, out in 2023, 2) an illustrated nonfiction comic book about the history of different dog breeds, coming in 2024, and 3) Self-Care Sunday, weekly comics she posts on Instagram about managing anxiety and other mental health resources. If you want an easy conversation starter, come talk to Brittany about the Great British Baking Show, or show her photos of your dog!

Brujeria Cookiery & Koda

Sugar cookies with art designs, stickers, postcards, and t-shirts.

Casey Silver

Casey Silver has spent his life discovering, creating and telling stories. A writer, artist and designer based in Seattle, WA, Casey has created graphic content for Image Comics, Dynamite Publishing and Z2 comics as well as creating his own visual entertainment since co-founding 80% Studios in 2010. He is hard at work on book two of 80% Studios’ newest project, Chickaloonies. Casey currently resides in Seattle, WA.

Cat Farris

Cat is a Portland, OR based cartoonist, and a member of the comics collective Helioscope. You may know her art from such graphic novels as MY BOYFRIEND IS A BEAR, THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR, and UP TO NO GHOUL.

Dale Hudson

Toy Ray Guns from the assemblage art.


Dave Kellett is a Southern Californian cartoonist who grew up loving all sorts of comics and sci-fi and nerdy. But! It made him a prime candidate to draw comics about goofy, slice of life moments (“Sheldon“), and serious sci-fi with joy-filled characters (“Drive”), so I guess IT WORKED OUT OK. 🙂

DAwson Walker

I’m an art teacher, illustrator, and comic artist, who was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska and is now living in Portland, Oregon. I have been working on bringing more science-based research into the art classroom to better teach students how their brains and visual systems work, as well as help students better understand other people and cultures. I have been writing zines based on this work that explore how cartoons and non-realistic art reveal how our brains truly perceive and make sense of the world.

Dimi Macheras

Dimi Macheras is an Ahtna Athabascan visual artist and Chickaloon Village Tribal Citizen. He was raised by his storyteller Mother, Patricia Wade and taught Ahtna cultural values and traditions by his Grandmother, Clan Elder, Katherine Wade. An alumni of Ya Ne Dah Ah School, Alaska’s first Tribally owned and operated full time K-12 school, Dimi began his journey as an artist illustrating his family’s Traditional Ahtna stories into graphic novels. He also helped design Ahtna language learning computer programs for Chickaloon Village’s Education Department. He has teamed with storytellers and culture-bearers from other tribes to help turn their legends into graphic novels. In 2010, he co-founded 80% Studios, and has self-published a variety of projects, including in the recently released graphic novel Chickaloonies: First Frost. Dimi currently resides in Seattle, WA.

Dylan Meconis

E.C Ibes

E.C Ibes is an illustrator and comic artist based in Minnesota. She’s has been making comics since 2017, starting out on webcomics but now has two self-published books of her own. Together with her cat and her growing collection of figurines she creates art and comics that have a focus on LGBTQ+ themes, adventure, and mystery.

FeatherCap Forge

At FeatherCap Forge we make axes, knives, and swords for the home, the hunt, and the Apocalypse. All of our products are hand-forged, heat treated, finished, and dressed by us in our small shop in Juneau.

Filipa Estrela

Filipa Estrela (any pronouns) is a crafter, cartoonist, clown, costumer, and educator; sometimes all at the same time.They are a working artist, living in the Providence, RI area and are a member of the Queer Archive Work and Binch Press studio. Filipa’s creative practice is all about play, experimentation, blending the everyday with a dose of myth, magic and wonder.

In their works they often draw inspiration from their identity and heritage as a queer, gender-fluid, Cape-Verdean/ Chinese/ Portuguese mixed person of color, while focusing on soft moments that reflect the complex relationships people experience within themselves and with others. Most of all, Filipa wants to tell stories that are heartwarming, encourage human connection, and inspire others to embrace their own creative selves.

Check out the following link hub to see their work: feltmythical.carrd.co

Gillian Goerz

Gillian Goerz (say “Jillian Gertz”), is the author & illustrator of the award-winning Shirley & Jamila graphic novel series (Dial)! Visit her table for holographic stickers, bookplates, bookmarks, comics, and custom portraits made on the spot!

Glo Ramirez

Glo Ramirez is a Puerto Rican visual artist and small business owner who has been a guest of Lingít Aaní for the last 7 years. She creates whimsical art that she describes as “cute but cool stuff.” Heads in the Clouds Collective is her new workspace and you can find more about her work at: gloinkpr.com.  

Haley Boros

Haley Boros (she/her) is an award winning graphic designer, illustrator, and published cartoonist. She resides on the unceded traditional territory of the Kwikwetlem First Nation, which lies within the shared territories of the Tsleil-Waututh, Katzie, Musqueam, Qayqayt, Squamish, and Sto’:lo Nations.

Her creative practice focuses on projects that are cute and feisty, with hints of fantasy and fun. She has contributed to several comic and art anthologies since 2017, all of which are displayed proudly on book shelves in her art studio.

Hearthside Books and Toys

We will be selling books (graphic novels, humor, art), art supplies, games, puzzles, gifts.

Hollis Kitchin

Hollis is a Juneau based artist who loves to paint mountains, Alaskan creatures and more in a variety of styles. She loves the fog, mist and rain and using watercolors, gouache and ink to depict them.

Jennie Breeden

Creator of the webcomic The Devil’s Panties which is a daily journal comic started in 2001. Spent 10 years in Atlanta, now lives in Portland with two kids and husband who does all tech, writing collaboration, and spell checking. 

Jessi Jordan

Jollene Chup

I’ll have magnets, stickers, tote bags, prints, notebooks, keychains, and maybe a couple of hand-painted trinkets.

Josh Greathouse

Like most children, Josh Greathouse, attended a book fair at his local school at an early age. There he stumbled upon a book that would change his life: Calvin and Hobbes’ Psycho Homicidal Jungle Cat. Being his first comic, he read it with a passion not known to man before. He was excited at the idea of pictures and words telling stories. 

Greathouse has been creating comics for the last decade with such titles as The Horrific Adventures of Franky, Scotty Odyssey, Unprofessional, and Bang: The Ballad of the Tiger. He has done graphic design work for a wide range of clients, including local startup companies and Atlanta Braves-associated restaurants.   

Junnie Chup

Cute and whimsical stationery, books, prints, stickers, socks(!) and more by a local Juneau goblin person.

Kat Klockow

Kat Klockow is a comic book artist, editor, and founder of Corpse Flower Press in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her current works are the graphic novel series Witches & Sorcerers and the upcoming graphic novel Barista Mystica, a witchy retelling of Pride and Prejudice. She is the editor and contributing artist to the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities comic anthology series. Kat is also the host of the Hometown Haunts Podcast, where she shares local ghost stories, urban legends, and fringe history from around the world. 

KAylee Rowena

Kaylee Rowena is a comic artist and illustrator haunting Baltimore, Maryland. She loves to tell ghost stories, and when she isn’t drawing, she can be found daydreaming about brightly-colored haunted houses and historical fashion. Her past books include Haunts: A Haunted House Art Book, The Scent of May Rain, Party of Your Afterlife, and several anthologies and zines, and her newest book, The Witch’s Wings and Other Terrifying Tales (an Are You Afraid Of The Dark graphic novel) comes out this October. She’s never been to Alaska before and is super excited to be here!

Lucy Bellwood

Lucy Bellwood is a professional Adventure Cartoonist based in Ojai, CA. She’ll be slinging comics about tall ship sailing, whitewater rafting, ocean floor exploration, and other wild pursuits. She’ll also have postcards, stickers, and even some illustrated books of poetry.

Lucas Elliott

Mary Shyne

Mary Shyne is a graphic novelist and senior staff artist at the Snoopy Studio. She’s currently at work on her debut graphic novel — about a high school senior stuck in a time loop on his graduation day — out in 2025/2026 from Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. A class of 2017 CCS grad, she loves any visual storytelling she can get her hands on, and is always down to chat about nineties/early aughts manga, Deep Space 9, and pug dogs.

Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart makes exciting slice-of-life comics, including the graphic novel series Incredible Doom and The Chairs’ Hiatus.

Noah Jodice

Noah is a cartoonist and zine-maker currently working in Saint Louis, Missouri. His work ranges from comics about quitting your sci-fi mushroom picking job to community justice-oriented zines for advocacy groups. His cartooning was recognized in the 42nd American Illustration Annual and the 10th annual International Motion Art Awards. He is going to bed soon.

Payton Francis

Payton Francis is a lesbian comic artist and illustrator who creates LGBT+ romance fantasy stories! She has two self published graphic novels, and is active in the webcomic community! She is passionate about creating diverse fantasy stories that folks can see themselves in.

Platypus Gaming

A bunch of fun board game experiences for all ages!

Raina Telgemeier

Raina is the bestselling creator of the graphic novels Smile, Sisters, Guts, Drama, Ghosts, and the first four Baby-sitters Club Graphix.

Rebecca Martinez

I’m a writer and artist living in the PNW. I work mostly in watercolor and gouache, creating around the themes of nature and the natural world. I’m a big lover of comics and sometimes dabble in making them.

ReccaShay Crafts

Handstitched embroideries, crocheted goodies, and other things that make you smile!

Ryan North

Author of Dinosaur Comics online, Squirrel Girl and the Fantastic Four for Marvel in print, and a bunch of nonfiction too like HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD and HOW TO INVENT EVERYTHING but let’s be honest, comics is the #1 best medium of all time

Shannon Kao

Shannon is a Seattle-based comics artist and illustrator who loves environment and place-based storytelling. Come by the table to check out minicomics about rocks, oysters, and the nitrogen cycle, as well as little landscape prints of overgrown phone booths and bus stops filled with fish!

Tess Olympia

I am Tess Olympia, I live here in Juneau. I just launched Juneau Woolies, selling hand dyed and hand spun yarns online and at markets. When I’m not dyeing or spinning yarn, I might be drawing, painting, knitting, dancing, hiking, plotting ways to take down capitalism or hibernating.

Tori Rielly

Tori is a queer artist from Portland, OR who loves making character-driven comics about romance and found family. They write and draw to let out every sillly gay little thought that they had to hold inside for so long.

University of Alaska Southeast